Giuseppe Giulio Carducci Artenisio, shortly Giulio Carducci, is a technologist with a sound humanistic culture and significant managerial experience. After a long both technical and managerial activity in ICT applications and process engineering, he joined, in the late '80s, Boyden International, a major international firm specialised in executive search. Later, for three years, he served as general manager in Agecontrol, a EU related organisation in charge of controls and monitoring activity in the area of olive oil financial aids. This experience originated Giulio's interest towards tangible and untangible corporation assets protection: in the middle '90 he started Securteam, a firm that shortly became a leader in Italy in corporate security infrastructure design and implementation.

Leading Securteam, Giulio, during the years, gave an important contribution to security culture promotion, particularly conceiving and developing innovative risk analysis models and security governance systems.
Giulio foundend the first magazine, in Italy, dedicated to data security ("Sicurezza Informatica"), organized tenths of conventions. In 1999 he wrote - for Franco Angeli publisher - the book "La protezione dei dati aziendali". In the early 2010 he wrote with Alberto Berretti a new book: "Manuale di sicurezza aziendale" ("Corporate Security Handbook").

Up to June 2007 Giulio served as Securteam president, acquired since some years by the Finmeccanica Group. Then, up to June 2008, since Securteam was incorporated into another Finmeccanica Group company, Giulio served as consultant for Finmeccanica. This relation was over on June 2008. He has been a teacher in the Campus Link University Security Master in Rome, in the Biomedical Campus University Homeland Security master and has been member of the first team in charge for suggesting guidelines to ENISA (European Network and Information security Agency). With ENISA Giulio took also part of the Risk Analysis and Management team.
In recent years Giulio, aware of the new blowing winds, facing the quick changes of the present times, aimed at riding in the proper way the economical crisis waves, started a couple of "microenterprises".
The first was in the touristic area. Giulio started in his authentic "liberty" villa on Aventino hill "Blue Garden": a top class bed and breakfast. A gratifying experience, four years lasting and now over: instead of traveling worlwide, the world comes visting you.
In addition to that he founded, a small but fancy multimedia publishing company, involved also in web marketing custom made programs., starting March 2013, launched the portal "Testaccionews", a virtual plaza for all Testaccio area shops and associations. An innovative, stimulating iniciative, aimed at promoting the area and at actively taking part to this quickly changing social environment, as everybody of us can daily realise.

March 2013